(with 60 mg, intramuscularly) "About 15 minutes after the injection came the same vegetative

symptoms seen with DMT. The illusions and hallucinations were the same. But the alteration of

the surrounding world and the emotional reaction to them were strong and impressive. The

mask-like faces of the persons, the dream-like mysteriousness of the objects in the room gave

me the feeling that I had arrived in another world, entirely different and queer and full of secrecy

and mystery. The wonderful but strange world attracted me at one moment, but the next

moment I did not want to accept it. I became perplexed; I did not know what I ought to do. I

began to walk anxiously up and down, and said, 'I ought to do something, I must!' There was a

peculiar double orientation in space and time: I knew where I was, but I was inclined to accept

this strange world as a reality, too. The dusk of the room was lightened for some minutes, and

again the light was switched off, and that seemed to me as if this period might be an entire

epoch, filled with events and happenings, but at the same time I knew that only several minutes

had passed."



(with 60 mg, intramuscularly) "The vertigo is gone -- now comes the attraction. I have the honor

of seeing the elements of the universe in this moment. As if I saw algae, flagellates under the

microscope, in black and white. Now I see some colours, too. As if I saw a shell, the rainbow

colours are disintegrating rapidly. One's consciousness becomes air-like. From the neck

upward I am feeling a shapeless lightness. If we could inoculate this into all men, human inter-

relations would undoubtedly improve greatly."

(with 60 mg, intravenously) "I was looking out of the window. I was seeing the leaves of a tree,

the color of the grass, people walking to and fro utterly without thinking, like a small child

staring at things. I felt as if I were discovering the world anew."

(with 60 mg, intravenously) "The objects opened up their essence to me, I was feeling as if I

knew them as they really are, I live in them and was in direct contact with them. I felt an

enormous drive to write, to put down the marvelous feelings. The associations came

spontaneously, but I was unable to concentrate in a way required for working. Anyway, I did not

want to miss one moment of the visions."

(avec 60 mg, par voie intramusculaire) "Le vertige est parti -. vient maintenant l'attraction, j'ai l'honneur
de voir les éléments de l'univers en ce moment. Commesi je voyais les algues, les flagellés en vertu de la
microscope, en noir et blanc. Maintenant, je vois des couleurs, aussi. Comme si je voyais une coquille, l'arc en ciel
les couleurs sont de se désintégrer rapidement. Une conscience devient comme l'air. Dans le cou
vers le haut que je ressens une légèreté informes. Sinous pouvions inoculer ce dans tous les hommes,l'homme inter-
relations sans aucun doute d'améliorer grandement. "
(avec 60 mg par voie intraveineuse) "Je regardais par la fenêtre. J'ai été voir les feuilles d'un arbre,
la couleur de l'herbe, des gens marchant de long en large tout à fait sans réfléchir, comme un petit enfant
à regarder les choses. Je me sentais comme si je devaisdécouvrir le monde à nouveau. "
(avec 60 mg par voie intraveineuse) «Les objets ont ouvert leur essence pour moi, je me sentais comme si je
les connaissait comme ils sont vraiment, je vis en eux, et a été en contact direct avec eux. J'ai ressenti une
disque énorme d'écrire, de mettre bas les sentimentsmerveilleux. Les associations se sont
spontanément, mais j'ai été incapable de se concentrerd'une manière nécessaire pour travailler. Quoi qu'il en soit, je n'ai pas
voulez pas manquer un instant des visions. "

/ Alxexander and Ann Shulgin


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